Day 07: Street Art & Harry Potter

Today we feed each of our guilty pleasures.  Marissa’s love for street art and Sandra’s fondness for Harry Potter.

We took a free walking tour of the street art in the East End all along Brick Ln. Our tour guide, Colin, was great and had a very deep knowledge of the artists, many of whom he knows personally. We walked around Shoreditch for about 2 hours in the cold but it was worth it.




After the walking tour we meet up with Sandra’s cousin Felipe and had lunch before we headed to the Warner Brother Harry Potter Studio Tour.


After an 1.5 hour bus ride we made it to the Studio.  It was absolutely amazing.

First stop was the Great Hall which was decorated for the season and at the end it has the actual movie set for the Winter Ball.  Amazing!

(photos to come)

Next was a huge room with all the props and sets from the movies.

(photos to come)

Gryffindor Common room, the boys bunk room, Dumbledore’s office, the potions room, and soooo much more.


The Forbidden Forest exhibit was jaw dropping. We spent a lot of time interacting with the majestic Hippogriff.  Stunning special effects. P1030765P1030782P1030778P1030775P1030776P1030788P1030795


This scene is the movies is one of my favorite, it was so cool to see the set.



Playing with the forced perspective table. Finally I’m the smaller one.P1030747

The scale model of Hogwarts was jaw dropping.

(more photos to come)

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