Day 14: Ciao Roma! Hola familia!

Today we left Roma to spend Christmas with the Franco’s and Lombardo’s in Milano. It was very important for us to make sure to spend time with Sandra’s family on this trip since they are all in Europe at this time.

We took another fast train from Roma to Milano, but this time the ride was not as nice.  The train was packed with people, luggage, bags overflowing with presents, and anxious energy.  When we finally found our seats, there were three obnoxious dudes there giving us attitude about actually wanting the seats we paid for.  So they finally ended up moving, which mean the trio had to be split up. Poor babies.  The actual train ride was beautiful again. Since the ride was longer time time, 3 hours, we bought a bottle of wine and sandwiches to being on the train with us.  This was the best decision we made.  The wine almost made the annoying dudes next to us bearable.  They were traveling to Torino to watch futbol. Seriously! Christmas weekend, and they were going to watch futbol. omg.

The vino that made us sane



We arrived in Milano to Claudia, Nubia and German welcoming us.  The 5 of us took the local train to the town that the Lombardo’s live in to meet up with the rest of the family at their house.


We played games and ate empanadas and drank wine all night.

… and finally meet KoKo!!

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