Day 26/27: Traveling to Sydney

Today we are leaving Bali and making our way to Australia. We are taking the last fast boat to the mainland this afternoon, so we decided to spend the morning on the beach and at the pool before we leave. Today the beach had a lot less coral at the shoreline so it was much more pleasant getting in and out of the water.  We decided to check out of our room and spend the remaining time at the pool.

Beach dog with drawn on eyebrows. Poor baby. He did look hilarious though:

We have an over night direct flight from Denpasar to Sydney. By the time we arrived in Sydney we were both exhausted, annoyed by our seat neighbor and stinky.  As we wandered aimlessly around the airport trying to find the domestic terminal, we ran into showers?! Yes please!!!!

Got creative with our luggage cart.

After freshening up, we were ready for our next leg: Brisbane.

When we arrived in Brisbane, Manuel was waiting for us with a big smile.

We went to try some local breweries and had a couple of snacks while we waited for Mrs Kitty to arrive from the hospital – where she works.

She finally met us by the river where we enjoyed a short walk.

After the walk we went to their place to catch up and enjoy a delicious home-made burger with our cute hosts:

I think now, we deserve some good rest.

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