Day 02: Tia Lorraine

Today we both made our ways to our respective offices in London… it took us a while, but we finally made it šŸ˜‰

We decided to take the train to work together since our offices are just a few stops apart on the same line. Low and behold after Sandra got off at her stop Marissa realizes she was on a totally different line. After a few missteps she she finally made it to her right stop. Check out the Christmas tree:

She finally arrived soaking wet but relieved. View of Tower Bridge from Marissa’s London desk:

And a few shots from Sandra’s office:

Aunt Lorraine came and meet us at Sandra’s office. She took us to Covent Garden. We had wine and an amazing dinner and talked and talked and talked.

After drinks at our corner pup. It was a good day!

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