Day 03: Mind The Gap

Today we were starting to feel the effects of jet lag and had a rough nights sleep. But once we got our caffeine fix we were ready to go.

We both went to work… yadda yadda yadda.

Met for lunch near Sandra’s office and had an amazing Italian meal. Yes, that is a giant head of cauliflower. We barely made a dent. The pizza was amazing though.

We worked some more and then Sandra met me near my office in St Katherine’s dock. We decided to take advantage of the night and walked across Tower Bridge and through a cute Christmas market.

Took our obligatory London telephone booth photos and eventually made it to another local pub for another yummy meal.

We are loving the friendly atmosphere and finally getting the hang of the Tube. It’s a breathe of fresh air to see the pubs are full with laughter, drinking and eating without the distraction of the tv screens we are used to.

We’re really enjoying our time here and looking forward to where the city will take us tomorrow. See It. Say It. Sort It!


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