Day 18: Rain & Games

Today our plans to go to Milano were put on hold again due to and entire day full of rain. Sandra and I decided to cook a big breakfast for everyone and just spend the day at home resting.


We started an epic game of Monopoly last night and decided this rainy day was perfect for finishing it.  Team Hat: Johanna +Ari. Team Iron: Jose + Fabri. Team Boot: Sandra + Marissa. At the end of day one Team Iron just couldn’t cope any longer and divided up the few dollars and properties they had left to the other two groups. Team Hat and Team Boot are neck and neck. The board is full of hotels and properties maxed out with houses. We will see what unfolds today. In the end we decided not to finish the game so I guess we’ll never know who won. But we know it was Team Boot 😉


Towards the end of the day we got antsy and decided to go to the mall to exchange some things. We all decided to buy presents for each other at Zara thinking it would be easy to exchange later. Turns out that is not correct. We had the most difficult time trying to return and exchange things at Zara. In the end we basically were told we can’t do anything. Very frustrating.

We decided to have dinner near the mall at Sushi Way for all you can eat sushi and “Chinese” food. We stuffed ourselves silly and all came home to rest.

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