Day 29: Koalas & Kangaroos

Today we got up early so that we’d have time to fit in as much as possible during our last day in Brisbane.  First breakfast, of course, at a super cute restaurant right outside of Manuel and Kitty’s apt. They really know how to do a huge yummy breakfast here.

Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary

After getting energized we headed to the Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary to see some adorable koalas, kangaroos and other Aussie animals. The koalas were sleeping soundly in the funniest positions perched on a single branch.  There was an area where you could wait to hold one, but we decided to skip that part and just enjoyed observing their cuteness.


The kangaroo area was incredible.  There were probably 100 kangaroos just lounging, sleeping, and hopping around.  You could just walk right up to them and pet them and feed them. We also got to see many little Joeys popping out of their mommies pouches.  They were so sleepy and cute.  The larger kangaroos were kind of scary looking.  Their muscles are huge and they look like they could do some serious damage if they got pissed off, so we stayed clear of them.

Next we went to an area where they were demonstrating how to heard cattle with sheep dogs.  At one moment we even saw a sheep jump straight up over another sheep.  That was pretty cool.

We also saw dingoes, a tasmanian devil, platypus, and many really cool birds.

City Walk in Brisbane

After all that cuteness we went to the center of Brisbane to enjoy the river area and see more of the city.  Manuel took us on the free ferry that transports people up and down the river, it’s really a gorgeous city. Since it was Sunday and incredibly hot, everyone in the city was enjoying these really cool pools and water park next to the river.

We headed back to their apt and had to pack again… off to Sydney tonight.

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