Day 34: Bondi & Jucy Snooze


Our last day in Sydney was a bit of a whirlwind day. We couldn’t leave without seeing Bondi Beach but we both had a lot of work to wrap up before we took the next two weeks off. And we had to get to the airport by 3pm. We decided to push to make it to Bondi even if it was just for a few hours.

After working and then checking out of the hotel we Uber’s it to the beach. Eat a quick lunch and then sat on the beach to watch the surfers.

Walked over to the famous iceberg pools… I think it’s really called icebergs because the water was a freezing 20 degrees Celsius. But the view was worth it. The water was quite refreshing actually.


Off the the airport to fly to Christchurch tonight.

Saw this tad disturbing souvenir that we didn’t buy!

We arrived to Christchurch around 1am and the weather was drastically different than we anticipated. It was cold and raining so we had to go digging back through our bags for some more layers.

Sandra’s cousin recommended we stay at the Jucy Snooze, it’s a pod style hotel very close to the airport. It was a little strange at first but in the end we actually really liked it. It great for one night where you just needed to sleep, shower and get back on the road.

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