Day 35: Blue Skies

After such an amazing night at the yurt we had a jam-packed day of driving and sight-seeing ahead. First stop was Oamaru, the Steampunk capitol of the world. Next we went to see the Moeraki Boulders, and lastly we needed to make it to Queenstown before it got dark to enjoy the scenery.


Oamaru was a beautiful little town on the water. The old historic district felt like a movie set.  Tons of charm, vintage and antique store, coffee shops and the Steampunk Headquarters.

Moeraki Boulders (dinosaur poop)

The boulders originally formed 60 million years ago in ancient sea floor sediments. Over the years the erosion of the shoreline at the coast cliffs as exposed these ancient formations.  To us they kind of looked like dinosaur eggs or poop.




Took us forever to get this shot.

Next we had another very long day of driving ahead of us on the way to Queenstown. We had planned to make more stops after the boulders, but we were pretty exhausted and decided to head straight to Queenstown.

The blue skies finally came out just in time for our long drive.


So many sheep!!!!

Queenstown – Sherwood Hotel

After another 4 hours of driving we finally made it to our hotel just in time to have dinner before the restaurant closed.  Everything closes here really early we are finding out.

Dinner View


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