Day 37: Milford Sound

We couldn’t come to NZ without going to Milford Sound, New Zealand’s “8th Wonder of the World”. We booked a Jucy Tour ( same company as our Jucy Snooze hotel): 4 hr coach bus ride to Milford with a few scenic stops along the way, 1.5 hr boat cruise out into the Fjord (it’s not technically a “Sound”), and then another 4 hour bus ride back to Queenstown. All said and done it was about a 12 hour day.

The bus ride had the potential of being quite enjoyable: glass roof so we could fully enjoy the views, comfy coach bus seats, a wonderful driver who was an encyclopedia of interesting facts, and many beautiful scenic stops along the way. But things got a little ttainted for us by a super spoiled child in front of us who screamed “for fun” the entire ride. The parents of course did nothing but egg him on with tickle fights and when he didn’t get his every demand he would throw a tantrum. So that really was quite annoying. Lucky for us, on the ride home, the sweet angel slept the whole way.

Stops along the way…


Eglinton Valley


Mirror Lake


Sandra capturing glacial spring water for us to drink. It was so refreshing.
Glacial river


Milford Sound

Cruise time.




When we finally arrived home in one piece we rushed to get into downtown Queenstown to enjoy the last few hours of daylight and find a place for dinner. We walked around the adorable city and popped into many shops while scouting the perfect place for dinner. Well we eventually found it. We had one of the best meals of our whole trip tonight. And for the first time I didn’t take a single photo of it.


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