Day 39: Puzzles, Views & Fluffies

We woke up this morning to tiny voices… the boys were up and we couldn’t wait to see them! We were super excited about this giant puzzle we got the boys and couldn’t wait to put it together with them.  The puzzle was a huge success because they are obsessed with “diggers”, firetrucks, trains… basically anything that moves in 4+ wheels. We had a blast putting it together with them.


After breakfast and puzzle time we played in the yard.  The view from their house was just spectacular. I can’t imagine what it’s like living with this view everyday.


Natalie wanted to take us up to Mount John to see the full view of Lake Tekapo and have a coffee at the cafe on the top.  Unfortunately, it was a very cloudy day but the view was still gorgeous.  We enjoyed our coffees and Oliver loved his fluffy! – something with foam and lots of marshmallows.

Lake Tekapo is a low light pollution zone and famous for their clear-sharp-starry sky and we were looking forward to doing some star gazing. Although a bit cloudy to see stars the views were still very beautiful. Next time we come back, we will definitely go to one of their many observatories to experience the starry sky.

On our way home we stopped at the famous stone church, also known as “The Church of the Good Shepard”.

Matt got home from work and we all ate a delicious fajita meal Natalie cooked for us. They put the boys to bed and afterwards we enjoyed some of the local Chard Farm wine we brought. We talked and talked – too much catching up to do.  It was a good day 🙂

(More photos to come)

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