Day 41: Hot Springs & Jucy Snooze Take 2

Tekapo hot springs

We woke up, had breakfast and packed quickly so we could enjoy the last little bit of time with Natalie, Matt and the kids. They took us to the Tekapo Hot Springs to play in the pools. There are 5 pools ranging in temperature and, of course, the scenery was beautiful. After playing in the cooler pool with the boys and relaxing in one of the hot pools together we had to say our goodbyes and hit the road again.

We promised Natalie and Matt to come back to NZ soon. We can’t thank you guys enough for showing us such an amazing time. Thank you! Xoxoxoxoxo

Images from the website:

The drive

When we arrived at Christchurch we had a packed agenda and couldn’t stop to see the city, so on the way back, we decided to stop. We had a 4.5 hour drive, including a few stops, to Christchurch. When we arrived, we went straight to the shipping container mall to shop and have a snack.

We had booked another night at the Jucy Snooze, but this time we sprang for a private room. It was a life saver because we had to repack all our bags for our 33-hours of traveling. No biggie, we’ve gotten pretty good at packing by now.

We woke up at 3:30am, got to the airport by 4:00am to return our car rental and checked into our 4-legged-flight. Ugh.

Goodbye New Zealand. We really loved you!

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