Day 42 & 43: Up in the Air, again

We have a loooong 33 hours of traveling ahead of us today and tomorrow, but will arrive yesterday. So confusing.

Christchurch ~ Brisbane (Qantas)

  • Short and sweet flight.

Brisbane ~ LAX (Qantas)

  • Flight was fine just really long. Neither of us do well sleeping on planes, especially Sandra who has had zero sleep the whole trip. One example, a dude that decided to ditch his wife and two kids and got all man spread cozy next to her and snore the entire flight. Yay!

We arrived in LAX and decided to get a cheap room in order to sleep for 2 hours before our next flight. Best decision we made that day. We may have been divorced if we didn’t do that.


  • By this point in our travels we were exhausted and looking forward to getting some extra sleep in the plane – our 2-hour nap at LAX wasn’t enough. But thanks to Mr. Sleep Apnea sitting behind Sandra, our hope was all gone.

DFW ~ Cancun (AA)

  • Best. Flight. Ever. Plane was almost empty. No kidding, all of the passengers could fit in the business class cabin. It was so quiet and everyone was very friendly – we even got free wine from our flight attendant, and, best of all, we both finally got some sleep. We both were able to stretch out on an entire row.

Endless Australian coastline

Arrived in Cancun around 10:30 pm on Saturday night. We went back in time and gained a day technically. The 16 hour time difference should be interesting tomorrow 😉

That night we stayed at a hotel very close to the Grand Port so we could get to the Ultra Mar ferry to Isla Mujeres and get out of Cancun asap in the morning.

Now, more sleep to catch up to. Zzzzzz…

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