Day 48: Adios Mexico

Today is our last day of international travel. We’ve had a trip of a lifetime. We feel so full of love from the people and places we experienced on this journey. It’s hard to process it all at this time, but we’re very happy we were able to experience this together. We look forward to…

Day 47: Golf cart scouting

We knew it would be a bit cloudy and rainy today so we decided to rent a golf cart to go down to the South side of the island. We headed to our other favorite breakfast place, Mango Cafe, and had another amazing breakfast. Since we were more mobile we did a little scouting of…

Day 46: Tuesday Beaching

There’s not much to say here. We’re pretty much in time-adjustment mode. We wake up. We eat. We go to the beach. We lounge. We put sun block. We get in the water. We watch the sunset. That’s the simple life of Isla Mujeres.

Day 45: Tiny hammock

Island life is always simple. That is why we love it here so much. Today was another slow day. We spend our time eating, lounging on the beach, small shopping break, watching the sunset, and eating more. During our shopping break, we went out to look at some of their beautiful arts and crafts. We…

Day 44: Island jet lag

We got up and left the hotel as fast as possible today which wasn’t very fast. Got on the 11am fast boat ferry to Isla and headed straight to our hotel to drop off our bags. First stop is always Rooster, our favorite breakfast and coffee place on the island. It definitely didn’t disappoint today….