Day 45: Tiny hammock

Island life is always simple. That is why we love it here so much. Today was another slow day. We spend our time eating, lounging on the beach, small shopping break, watching the sunset, and eating more.

Back at Green Demon on our favorite lounging bed.

Lunch at Qubano to say hi to Vivian! We always seem to miss her when we are here.

Marissa's' favorite: Vivian's famous Chicken tostone sandwich.
Plantain sandwich at Qubano
Ropa viaja con congris to remind Sandra of home.
Ropa vieja with congris at Qubano for our lunch break

During our shopping break, we went out to look at some of their beautiful arts and crafts. We were surprised when we saw these tiny hammocks! We had to get one for Luna & Fabio – of course!

We may have bought this tiny hammock for Fabio, or fruit in the kitchen. So excited.

We ended out night eating this delicious red snapper! Always a must have in Isla.

Giant fried fresh red snapper with garlic for two.

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