Day 44: Island jet lag

We got up and left the hotel as fast as possible today which wasn’t very fast. Got on the 11am fast boat ferry to Isla and headed straight to our hotel to drop off our bags.

First stop is always Rooster, our favorite breakfast and coffee place on the island. It definitely didn’t disappoint today.

Then finally to the beach. We went to our favorite beach spot at Green Demon.

Their Sunday Sunset Music is also the best. We never miss an Isla sunset!

We made the mistake of going back to the room and passing out. Never nap when jet lagged. Ugh. We woke up around 10 and ventured out for some dinner. Found a good Mexican restaurant where I could get the taco I was craving and Sandra could get her whole fried fish. We had a great dinner and chatted with the waitress and manager, both from Argentina, about their time working on the island.

And then the night of no sleep began…

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