Day 04: Pinocchio

The other night, when we were strolling around Covent Garden with my aunt Lorraine, I noticed a poster for Pinocchio. As a kid, I remember watching this movie over and over again with my family. It was one of our favorites.

I couldn’t see the date of the show so I decided to look it up online. I couldn’t find the dates in their website and finally noticed that this show was coming in February 2018. Bummer! I’m going to miss. But THEN I noticed that they had 2 previous shows only. Dates were Dec 12 and 13!!! weeeee…

I looked at seats and I was pleasantly surprised I found tickets available for tonight at 7pm in the Orchestra section – for £15 only. If you know me, you know I love a good deal.

After work, we had a snack and a drink at Ozone Cafe in front of Sandra’s office.

Look closely. That is us in the reflection ^

After drinks we went for a stroll on Shoreditch – famous for their graffitis, street art, galleries and creative studios. We’ll tell you more about Shoreditch on Saturday when we’ll have a walking tour of their art.

After Shoreditch, we took the double-decker bus and headed to the National Theatre. We didn’t know what to expect but everything was amazing. The theater, seats and show were great. The main characters were puppets (Geppetto, Blue Fairy, Jiminy Cricket..) except Pinocchio.

We obviously couldn’t take pictures during the show, but I was able to find these online:


Joe Idris-Roberts (Pinocchio), James Charlton (Jiminy Cricket Puppeteer), Audrey Brisson (Jiminy Cricket). Image Manuel Harlan_preview
Jiminy Cricket’s lines were hilarious
“I’ve got no strings” song





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  1. Mom and Dad says:

    Looks like a lot of fun. When dad and I were in London for the first time many , many years ago we saw three plays. It was an amazing experience. So glad you were able to see a play there too!

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