Day 28: “The Sunshine State”

We had a lazy start this morning. We were supposed to wake up early and go to have brekky (also known as breakfast) around the corner. That didn’t happen, instead, our own personal chef conjured this delicious dish:

This meal definitely gave us the energy we needed to head north to the Sunshine Coast – about 2 hours from Brisbane.

We’ve spent 28 days on the road and about 20 of those days have rained on us. London, Rome, Milan, Bali. Non-stop rain. But here, in “The Sunshine State” – as it reads in their license plates – we finally got some real sun.

WOW!!! What a view, the sand was like flour, the water was the perfect temperature – we didn’t mind the idea of sharks nor jelly fish.

(Photos to come)

Right after we setup camp, Manuel got a call, Kitty. Manuel forgot to leave the house keys hidden and she was locked out! No problem, cousin to the rescue. And with a short call, she had a massage scheduled and he was able to enjoy the peace and quiet of the shore.

We left and took a power nap in the car on our way back to Brisbane. We picked up Kitty – she was in full bliss after her spa day.

It was a good day!

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  1. Mom and Dad says:

    😘 Looks wonderful. Not beach weather here.

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